Personal Biographer

Shannon Stallone

Step Two: The Transcript

All interviews are transcribed. This transcript is a record of the interview sessions. This is the raw material used to create the narrative of your story.

Step Three: Writing the Narrative

The Transcript is an account of the interview sessions. I work with the transcript to transform your interviews into a narrative story preserving your distinctive voice. Final decisions about what to include and exclude belong exclusively to you. You will receive a draft for review before final printing.

This narrative will be professionally bound in hardcover for you.

Cost of Creating a Personal History

Creating a Personal History is an investment in a priceless legacy.  Costs vary depending on the number of interview hours and length of project.  In general, the cost of a Personal History is comparable to a vacation or a down payment on a new car. 

Please contact me for a no obligation discussion of your project.

The Personal History Process:

The process of creating a written Personal History is an unique endeavor and therefore completely customizable.

Step one: The Interviews

Interview sessions are usually in one to two hour sessions in your home or another quiet, comfortable location. Using a digital recorder, I ask questions about your life that elicit your memories and stories. The choice of events to include and the level of detail are up to you. The number of interviews required for a full history vary depending on the narrator's talking speed, level of detail, recall ability, number of events narrated, amount of thinking time, and many other factors. As a result, a full history can take as few as two to three interviews or more than twenty.

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